VD8 – Handheld Vacuum Gauges for degassing


  • Compact vacuum gauge with digital display
  • For mobile use or permanent installation e.g. in vacuum plants
  • Vacuum gauge with data logger for up to 2000 measurements, USB interface, VacuGraph Windows® software
  • Measuring range atmospheric pressure to 5e-4 mbar
  • With internal or external vacuum sensor (Piezo-sensor, Pirani-sensor, combination of Piezo and Pirani-vacuum-sensor)

Suitable for the following applications:

  • Evacuation of brake systems
  • Vacuum compound production
  • Degassing of composites under vacuum
  • Vacuum gauge for cooling and air conditioning service
  • Vacuum gauge for lamp production
  • Transformer oil conditioning
  • Insulating oil conditioning

VRC Electronic Vacuum Switch for Purification Applicationspirani-vacuum-switch

  • Available with piezo-resistive sensor (VRC, 1200-5 mbar) as well as Pirani-sensor (20-0,001 mbar, VRC)
  • Durable IP54 metal casing, suitable  for rough conditions
  • Suited for process control due to recorder interface
  • very precise and reliable

Suitable for the following applications:

  • Controlling of vacuum processes

All vacuum instruments are available as an private label product with your label – more information on vacuum private label products

The listed processes are just exemplary – If you could not find your special application contact us directly or please have a look at more applications for our vacuum gauges.


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