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Vacuum Gauges “Made in Germany”



Since 1970 Thyracont has developed and manufactured high quality vacuum gauges for atmospheric pressure to ultra high vacuum.

Every vacuum gauge is designed, assembled and calibrated in Germany by our highly qualified staff. Sophisticated test procedures assure that our whole product range – digital portable vacuum meters, vacuum transmitters, vacuum controllers and vacuum switches – meet highest demands in terms of long lifetime, reliability and precision.

Sustainability as business objective and best rating marks of our company guarantee a long-term availability of our vacuum gauges.

On the following pages you receive detailed information about our products in German or English. Our “bestsellers”:

Digital Handheld Vacuum Gauge VD8

handheld-vacuum-gaugeCompact vacuum gauges, measurement range 1600 mbar to 5e-4 mbar with internal memory and USB interface, e.g. for leakage tests, can be used with battery or mains adapter.

Applications: Tests of vacuum pumps and appliances in production, leak detection, service and maintenance of vacuum pumps and appliances, special models for vacuum packaging machines, vacuum concentrators, vacuum centrifuges, filling of refrigerating plants and air conditioners


SMARTLINE – Digital Vacuum Gauge, Display and Control Units

vacuum-gauge-digitalIntelligent vacuum gauges, measuring range 1000 mbar to 5e-10 mbar, durable transducers with 0 to 10 V and RS485 output / EtherCAT, 2-relay switch points and optional large LCD display. The vacuum transducers also available in combination sensors: Pirani/cold cathode, Pirani/hot cathode. Suitable two and four-channel display and control units.

Applications: Industrial vacuum, load-locks, vacuum coating, thin film evaporators, vacuum furnaces, vacuum metallurgy, spectrometry, silicon furnaces (ingots), semiconductor, wafer bonding, vacuum collectors, vacuum insulations

ANALOGLINE – Vacuum Gauge & Capacitance Manometers

vacuum-gaugeRobust piezo resistive capacitance and Pirani vacuum gauge, measurement range 1000 mbar to 1e-3 mbar, with 0-10 V or 4-20 mA output, suitable display and control units.

Applications: Freeze drying (lyophilization), Vacuum furnaces, thin film evaporator, vacuum packaging, chemical engineering, process engineering, process automation, industrial vacuum appliances


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