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Vacuum instruments for the metal processing industry

Vacuum Gauge Metallurgy

Vacuum gauge metal processing

Pirani vacuum gauge – VSP

  • Dependable Pirani vacuum sensor
  • Accurate measurements, with optimized compensation for temperature, outstanding reproducibility
  • The vacuum gauge has a measuring range of 1000-1e-4 mbar, with high resolution and high accuracy
  • Easy to adjust with the push of a button
  • Logarithmic standard output, simple system integration, PLC-connection

Combination sensor Bayard-Alpert (Hot cathode) and Pirani – VSH vacuum transmitter

  • Vacuum gauge with pulsed Pirani sensor – the extended range allows operation of the hot cathode at a low pressure and thus increases the lifetime of the vacuum sensor
  • Outstanding repeatability and accuracy
  • Output logarithmic from 0 – 10 V, digital RS 485 interface
  • Replaceable sensor heads, without electronics bakeable up to 180 °C
  • Correct pressure readings by means of separate gas type correction factors for Pirani vacuum sensor and hot cathode sensors
  • Bayard-Alpert gauge with double filament, in the event of filament failure the vacuum gauge automatically switches to the backup, insensitive against inrush of air
  • Two independent, dry relay switch points

Suitable Display and control units

Ideal for applications like:

  • Vacuum case hardening – Carburizing /Nitriding
  • Vacuum turbine blade coating
  • Vacuum hardening and tempering
  • Vacuum gauge for hot isothermal processing
  • Vacuum gauge for forging
  • Vacuum brazing stainless steel / aluminum
  • Vacuum sintering of tungsten alloys / ceramic / MIM
  • Vacuum furnaces
piezo resistive ceramic sensor for molten mass processing

vacuum service tool with ceramic sensor for metallurgy

Handheld vacuum gauge with USB interface – VD85  

  • Compact tool with digital display
  • The VD8 vacuum gauge series is suitable permanent installation (e.g. in a vacuum plant) as well as mobile use
  • Vacuum gauge with data logger for up to 2000 measurements, comes with VacuGraph Windows® software
  • Atmospheric pressure to 5e-4 mbar measuring range
  • Vacuum combination sensor piezo and Pirani

Ideal for applications like:

  • Vacuum gauge for molten mass processing
  • Vacuum transducer for melting furnace
  • Vacuum degassing (VD-degassing)

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