Portable Vacuum Gauges VD8 Series

Handheld Vacuum Gauge

Thyracont Vacuum Instruments offers a variety of digital handheld vacuum gauges for a wide spectrum of applications. Our VD8 series is available with external or internal sensors, USB interface, data logger with internal storage of your measurements, ATEX certification and more. The total measuring range of 1600 mbar to 5 x 10-4 mbar speaks for itself. Click on any product name to receive more information.

Overview of mobile vacuum gauges:

The portable VD8 vacuum gauges can be used to show the current pressure (as well as high and low values) of your vacuum pumps and appliances, to check analysis and laboratory appliances, speed vacs, the calculation of leakage rates, monitoring of vacuum insulations and much more. Click on the name of the vacuum gauge for more information and to visit our vacuum gauge shop.

The high durability and battery lifetime – the VD81 works up to 5000 hours with one battery – enables the user to directly place the vacuum gauge into the vacuum packaging or into a vacuum chamber! The internal memory with data logger records the evacuation process and via USB interface you can read out and interpret the measurements on a PC.


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