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Vacuum gauges for electron beam welding

vacuum-gauge-digital3 products of our Smartline series of vacuum gauges are suited for:

  • Manufacturing of automotive components
  • Appliances for wind turbines
  • Manufacturing of rotors
  • Any form of electron beam welding
  • Quality control of vacuum pumps

1. Vacuum gauge VSP with Pirani sensor

  • The VSP offers a wide measuring range of 1000-1e-4 mbar
  • Vacuum gauge with very good reproducibility
  • Adjustment of the gauge is very easily done by the push of a button
  • Pirani vacuum sensor – very reliable
  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • Also available with PtRa filament, so it can be used as vacuum gauge for corrosive gases

2. Vacuum transmitter VSM – Combination gauge of pirani and cold cathode sensor

  • Reliable and sturdy vacuum gauge with pulsed Pirani (patented) with extended range
  • Can use cold cathode sensor at lower pressure, which increases the lifetime and makes the vacuum gauge ideal for vacuum welding
  • The sensor heads are replaceable, the vacuum gauge is easily repaired
  • Dual relay switch points, independent from each other

3. Vacuum gauge VSH – Combination of Bayard-Alpert and Pirani vacuum sensor

  • Tough and reliable vacuum gauge with patented pulsed Pirani sensor with extended range
  • Easily replaceable sensor heads in case of sensor head outage
  • If electronics are taken out, device is bakeable up to 180 degrees celsius
  • Double filament hot cathode sensor (Bayard-Alpert) – when one filament fails, the vacuum gauge switches automatically to the reserve filament.
  • Optimal addition to this vacuum gauges are the VD12 and VD10 vacuum display and control units.


Overview of our Smartline Vacuum Gauges

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